Gaining research experience is an important part of building  your experiences in STEM during high school.

However securing research opportunities is often challenging.

We at Young Diverse Scientist help you craft a plan to secure impactful research experiences in high school that help you expand your research skills and help set you up as a competitive applicant for major college STEM programs.

Here are some of the research programs that we focus on depending on the background and interest of the applicant:

  • SSP (Summer Science Program)
  • SIMR (Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program)
  • Simons Summer Research Program
  • RISE (Research in Science and Engineering)
  • YSP (Young Scholars Program)


There are also a few very selective summer STEM programs that are not completely lab research focused that we recommend:

  • MITES (MIT Introduction to Technology, Engineering and Science)
  • HSHSP (High School Honors Science, Math and Engineering)
  • SAMS (Summer Academy for Math and Science)